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April 22 - June 3, 2018


Art and Design – for children and everyone else

An exhibition by the Saxony-Anhalt Arts Foundation, in cooperation with the Museum of Art Magdeburg

The exhibition opening takes place on April 22, 3:00 pm - including a colourful programme for children

Diving into mysterious worlds, travelling through time, driving special spushbikes, making rucksacks dance, eliciting sounds from colours, just playing on a seesaw, browsing through books, feeling and reading them, watching movies - all this and even more in one exhibition? That sounds more than fantastic, it is FANTITASTIC.

The Saxony-Anhalt Arts Foundation invited current and former art and design scholarship holders whose work revolves around child-related subjects. In collaboration with guests they present an exhibition in which (nearly) everything can be touched and tried out.

During the course of the exhibition several artists will hold workshops. The education department will offer activities for groups and classes.

The exhibition is especially designated for children aged from 5 to 12 years.

                   If you are interested in visiting this exhibition with your group or class, you can already register. Please contact the museum education: 0049 391 5650 217 or kunstvermittlung@kunstmuseum-magdeburg.de




March 25  -  June 3, 2018

    Mario Lobedan: Allegro. Painting and Drawing

  Mario Lobedan, ohne Titel, 2015 / ohne Titel, 2017, Foto (2): Hans-Wulf Kunze


Mario Lobedan (*1961) has been living in Magdeburg since 2002. Having finished his studies in Leipzig, he continuously developed his painting over the last years. He disengaged himself from impressionist sentiments and turned to colours expressively occupying the pictorial space. Today, the painter is willing to audaciously alter the “Mentalgestik” (mental gesture), the emotional expressivity that is the foundation of his paintings. Applied with fluid gestures, an abundance of intuitively layered movements and colours cuts across the surface. At times, it invokes analogies to landscapes, however, the paintings neither show particular places nor any representational commitments. They rather remain in a state of floating latency and keep the freedom of antithetic situations. It is not unusual for his paintings to go through stages of formation and destruction, letting light and dark, colour and space react without embracing each other harmoniously. Such polarities not only make Lobedan’s painting novel, they also allow for an interpretation as a reverberation of our times. The leap in his evolution in recent years, in his paintings and drawings alike, has long been calling for a public presentation with which the Magdeburg Art Museum acknowledges the painter.


    TE North Pole – 24x the World 2016

Media installation

since January 23, 2016


Photo: Kunstmuseum Magdeburg

Thai artist Te, born 1968 in Utaradit, presents his digital world sundial consisting of 24 monitors in the museum foyer. The monitors, fastened to a round rack system, show webcam images from all over the world. Part of the screens remains dark when it is night in one region whereas life is pulsating in another part of the world.   


The visual round trip starts in Iceland, followed by Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana), Aguiella (Puerto Rico), the Virgin Islands, New York and 10 further places in the US, incl. Hawaii, as well as Tokyo, Boracay (Thailand), Bali, Bangkok, Dubai, Qatar, Jerusalem, Hamburg and Dublin.