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Maix Mayer: Alphaville - MD, 2011, Video, Standbild

     Maix Mayer. Alphaville - MD

Video: Alphaville - MD / HD / 28 min 49 sec / 2011

For several years, Maix Mayer has searched for the future of our past. He dedicates his work to utopias and models of old, which were supposed to open the door towards the so-called new time of "modern" age, exactly that time that meanwhile has become certainty because it is our present. Where did we arrive, and which expectations did come true, these are the questions he is asking.


The title "Alphaville - MD" refers to Jean-Luc Godard's classic movie "Lemmy Caution against Alpha 60" (also known as "Alphaville"). Godard intelligently mixed motives of Science Fiction and of Film Noir. Set in Paris of 1965, the movie makes the point that future is often already conceivable in the present.


For Maix Mayer, the city of Magdeburg and its surroundings are the setting for his urban cinematic field research. In the film, real architectural places act as protagonists and become setting and projection surface at the same time. Pivotal to the film is the "Hyparschale" building, which was constructed in 1969 by Ulrich Müther in the Rotehornpark in Magdeburg. It is empty since the 1990s and in danger of decay.


For other projects, Maix Mayer has worked in cities like Tokyo, Brasília, London, Montreal and Dresden, as well as in small towns like Kühlungsborn and Altenburg.

The catalogue of "Maix Mayer. Alphaville - MD" is available in the museum store.


    TE North Pole – 24x the World 2016

Media installation

since January 23, 2016


Photo: Kunstmuseum Magdeburg

Thai artist Te, born 1968 in Utaradit, presents his digital world sundial consisting of 24 monitors in the museum foyer. The monitors, fastened to a round rack system, show webcam images from all over the world. Part of the screens remains dark when it is night in one region whereas life is pulsating in another part of the world.   


The visual round trip starts in Iceland, followed by Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana), Aguiella (Puerto Rico), the Virgin Islands, New York and 10 further places in the US, incl. Hawaii, as well as Tokyo, Boracay (Thailand), Bali, Bangkok, Dubai, Qatar, Jerusalem, Hamburg and Dublin.